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Why use Boodle? Your FAQs answered here.

  • Can I apply for a Boodle loan on behalf of someone else?

    Nope, Boodle is all about you, therefore you, and only you, can apply for a Boodle Loan.

  • Can I have more than one Boodle loan at the same time?

    We care about you and your financial health and we know how tempting it can be to borrow more cash than you need (or can afford to pay back), so to keep us all on the same page, we only allow you to take out one Boodle loan at a time. 

  • Can I really choose when I would like to repay my Boodle loan?

    Absolutely! The only restriction is that your Repayment Date cannot be a Sunday or a Public Holiday. We don’t expect you to have to work this out, our systems will not allow you to select either one of these days.

  • Do I have to have an account with a specific bank to get my Boodle loan?

    Boodle works with most of the major banks in South Africa. You’ll need to provide details of your account with one of the following banks so that we can approve your Boodle loan:

    Standard Bank

    We won’t be able to pay your Boodle loan if you bank with another institution, but watch this space. As more banks get with the programme, we’ll add them to the list.

  • How do I pay back my Boodle loan?

    During the application process and the acceptance of the Pre-Agreement, Statement and Quotation, you give us your permission to deduct the Repayment Amount via debit order, from your bank account, on the Repayment Date selected by you.

    Our debit order run is highly sophisticated and works slightly differently to your run of the mil debit orders. How? We debit your account in the early hours of the morning on the repayment date selected by you. If your repayment amount is greater than R5 000, we split it in half and run two debit orders instead of one.

    This means that like all of our processes, the repayment of your Boodle loan is fully automated and seamless. No mess, no fuss!

    As always if you have any questions, you can call us on 0861 BOODLE (266 353) or email us at

  • How do I verify or dispute my credit profile?

    Should you get some surprising news from us regarding your credit profile, you have every right to contact the credit bureau and dispute any information you think is incorrect. We can’t do that for you but if your credit profile does change, let us know.

    Here are the details:

    (021) 888-6000  |  Fax (021) 413-2424

    0861 482 482                               

    0861 10 56 65

  • How does Boodle adhere to its policy of responsible lending?

    We’re committed to responsible lending at Boodle, as such we’re a registered credit provider and are overseen by the National Credit Act 34 of 2005. What this means for you is that we are completely reliable, above board and take our role as honest, dedicated credit providers seriously.

    Read more about our commitment to responsible lending

  • How is my Boodle loan repayment amount calculated?

    All interest and fees on your Boodle Loan are calculated based on the Regulations set out in Chapter 5 of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005.

    Here are the facts:

    Service Fee: 
    R60 per month plus 15% VAT

    Initiation Fee:
    R165 plus 10% on the loan value above R1 000.00 plus 15% VAT. Fee capped at 15% of the loan value plus 15% VAT.

    Interest Rate: 
    0.17% per day

    Annual Interest Rate / APR:

  • How long does it take to get my Boodle?

    With Boodle you have two easy options when applying for your loan - if you choose our fully automated online process your cash will be paid into your bank account within 10 minutes once you accept your quote and your application has been approved.

    If you would prefer to have one of our trusty team members manually handle your application then your loan will be sent on to our Boodle team who are available 24/7 - this process can take up to 2 hours, but don't stress you will receive a SMS and email the minute the Boodle is in your bank account!

  • How long is the Boodle Quote valid for?

    Your Boodle Quote will expire after 5 working days. 

  • How many steps are there in the Boodle application process?

    There are only 5 easy steps between you and your Boodle loan!

    Remember, if you get stuck for whatever reason, you can call us on on 0861 BOODLE (266 353) or email us at

  • How much Boodle can I borrow and how long can I borrow it for?

    As a new customer we’ll let you take a cash loan of up to R3 000. Pay back your loan on time, we’ll reward you and up your Boodle SmileRank. As a result, we’ll increase the amount we’re happy to loan you - up to R8 000! Also, as a Boodle veteran all future applications will take fraction of the time to approve.

    All Boodle loans have a maximum term of 32 days. When you pay us back, well, that’s entirely up to you – you choose your repayment date! Simply manoeuvre the Boodle SmileDial and pick the loan amount that you would like to apply for and term that suits you best. Remember to make sure that you can pay back your Boodle loan on the date you choose.

  • How will taking out a Boodle Loan affect my Credit Profile?

    Taking out a Boodle loan and repaying it on time (as we know you will) has a positive impact on your Credit History. This, in turn, may help you when you need to apply for alternative credit in the future!

  • I have been declined, how long do I have to wait before I can reapply?

    You need to wait at least 30 days from your first application date before you reapply for a Boodle loan.

  • I still haven't received my Boodle?

    Sometimes the checks take a bit longer… If it were up to us, it would be super quick. But alas, we have to consider the bank’s processes. So, if it is taking a bit longer than it should, don’t panic. We will let you know when the money is on it’s way. Once we get the go ahead, your money will be in your account chop chop. If you still don’t believe us, give us a call on 0861 BOODLE (266 353) or send a mail to

  • Is Boodle secure?

    We’ve gone to great lengths and done our best to make sure our platform is safe and secure. And when it comes to how we use your personal info, it’s all very official, we won’t share your details with anyone. We have a strict Privacy Policy, which you can read here.

  • What do I need to take out a Boodle loan?

    All you need is you, a computer, an internet connection and your cell phone to receive your one time pin. The entire application and pay out process is online from beginning to end - just have your banking details and ID number handy as you’ll need this information to complete your Boodle loan application.

  • What exactly is a Boodle loan?

    Boodle loans are cash loans provided by Boodle or a Boodle Registered Credit Provider. We allow you to choose how much cash you want to borrow and for how long. Our SmileDial lets you to calculate how much the quick loan will cost you, so there aren’t any hidden surprises when it comes to paying back your Boodle loan.

  • What happens if I can’t pay back my Boodle loan on time?

    If you make no effort to communicate with us and simply you don’t pay your Boodle loan on time your SmileRank® suffers, which also has a negative impact on your credit profile. This makes applying for any form of future credit (be it a cellphone contract or a home loan) very difficult.

    To avoid this, our collections team will contact you and help to come to a payment arrangement. In the meantime, we would charge you with a default administration fee of R75.00 (Excl. VAT) per month until you have settled your debt with us.

    If you are still unable to honour your promise, we would then have no choice but to hand you over to an external Legal Collections Firm, which could result in a judgment being taken against you. Once you have been handed over, you will start to incur further costs which would no longer be in our control.

    We are reasonable, that’s a fact and we know that sometimes things don’t pan out the way you planned. So if you need a breather, we’re here to help. To arrange an extension on your Boodle Loan, call us on 0861 BOODLE (266 353) or email us at

  • What happens if I don't complete the Boodle sign up process?

    No stress, you can always come back, sign in and continue where you left off. 

  • What if I don’t have a great credit profile? Will Boodle still give me a loan?

    We weigh up the facts on a case-by-case basis and do all the necessary background checks. In many cases we find that a person’s credit profile isn’t nearly as bleak as he/she thinks it is. But if your credit profile is really in poor shape, it’s really not in your best interests to take out a loan, so we will have to decline your application.

  • What if I don’t pay back my Boodle Loan?

    We know that you won’t apply for a Boodle Loan if there’s any chance that you won’t be able to repay it on time. We know this because we have asked you very nicely. So, when you don’t pay your Boodle Loan on time, we get a little sad. Your Boodle Ranking suffers, then you get angry, we get disappointed – it all gets messy and we don’t want that.

    Not paying your Boodle Loan back on time also has a very negative impact on your Credit Profile, which makes applying for any form of credit in the future, whether it be a cell phone contract, car or home loan, very difficult.

    However, should this happen for any reason, our Collections Team will contact you and help as best as they can to come to a payment arrangement. In the meantime, we would charge you with a Default Administration Fee of R75.00 (Excl. VAT) per month until you have settled your debt with us.

    If you are still unable to honour your promise to us, we would then have no choice but to hand you over to an external Legal Collections Firm, which could result in a judgment being taken against you. Once you have been handed over, you will start to incur further costs which would no longer be in our control.

    Boodle is a registered credit provider with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and complies with all the legislative requirements in terms of the National Credit Act of 2005.

  • What if I get stuck and need a little extra assistance?

    We’ve done our best to cater for all your questions in our FAQ and Boodle Lingo sections. However, if searching for info just isn’t your thing, we are always ready for a chat on 0861 BOODLE (266 353) or

  • What if I have a complaint?

    If you are not satisfied with the resolution/conclusion received from Boodle, you can take the matter further and contact the applicable regulatory or dispute resolution body using the details below:

    National Credit Regulator
    Telephone (011) 554-2600 or 0860 627 627
    Fax (011) 484-6122
    Post Address 127, 15th Road, Randjespark, Midrand

    Credit Ombud
    Telephone 0861 662 837
    Fax 086 683 4644
    Post Address Suite 444, Private Bag 1, Jukskei Park, 2153

  • What if there are no funds available in my bank account when my Boodle loan needs to be paid back?

    As always, please don’t apply for a Boodle Loan if you have any doubt that you will be able to pay it back when you say you will! However, in the name of transparency, here is the process:

    1) We will attempt to deduct your Repayment Amount from your Bank Account in the early hours of the morning on the Repayment Date that you have chosen.

    2) If there are no funds available (note: your bank may charge you a penalty fee for not having sufficient funds to meet your debit order obligations), we will try and debit your account again later that afternoon.

    3) After two failed debit order attempts, our Collections Team will be in contact with you.

    4) If we are unsuccessful in debiting your repayment amount from your bank account, we will then have no choice but to charge you a default administration fee of R75 (Excl. VAT) which will then be added to your repayment amount.

    5) This default administration fee together with interest and the monthly service fee (R60 plus VAT) will then be charged to your account for every month that you are in arrears until your loan is repaid in full.

    We don’t want to get to this point so, if you had every intention of settling your Boodle Loan on time when life “happened” and you cannot pay your loan anymore, please chat to us. We’ll make whatever arrangements we can to help the situation. Keep our details on hand – call 0861 BOODLE (266 353) or email us at

  • What is Debt Review or Administration?

    The NCA brought about remedies for consumers who are experiencing stressful financial times. Consumers who are over-indebted can approach a debt counsellor and apply for debt review.

    This effectively means that your debt obligations under credit agreements are managed and administered by the debt counsellor who negotiates with your creditors on your behalf and makes monthly distributions to your creditors to ensure that they do not start suing you for the debt you owe.

    Administration is the same type of remedy, but also includes other types of debt and is limited to R50 000 only. When you are under administration or under debt review you are prohibited by law to incur any further debt.

    We are a responsible lender and will not even consider giving you Boodle if you are already debt stressed. If you are in fact debt stressed we suggest you seek counselling and approach a debt counsellor to assist you.

  • What is the Boodle loan application review process?

    We are fully automated, paperless and online, we’re also committed to assisting you as best we can. This means that if your Boodle loan was declined due to affordability, we may offer you the opportunity to submit a loan application review request and possibly change our mind. This is a manual process as we need to take a closer look at your application and do our best to get you your Boodle.

    To send this request, simply submit the following documents, as well as your Boodle loan number, within 48 hours to - you can also upload these directly within your Boodle account

    - Latest Payslip
    - Latest 2 months bank statements
    - Copy of your ID Document
    - A brief motivation

    For further info, please contact us on 0861 BOODLE (266 353) or email us at

  • What makes Boodle different from all the other lenders around?

    At Boodle we work with you and not against you like many of our competitors. We believe in offering you the chance at change, enabling possibilities. Whether that’s opening new doors for yourself or your loved ones. We are here to help you do want you want to do when you want to do it. Our entire process is online and paperless. We calculate all our applications upfront and are transparent about your fees so there is no fine print, leaving you worry free. Our team is always available to take your call 0861 BOODLE (266 353) or answer your mail if you need us or just fancy a chat.

  • Who are Boodle Registered Credit Providers?

    The reason we have Boodle Registered Credit Providers is because we want to give you the best possible chance at getting your loan approved. Don’t worry, all Boodle loans are serviced by Boodle from beginning to end - that means that no matter who the credit provider is, Boodle will always be your only point of contact. So, should you want to chat about your loan call us on 0861 BOODLE (266 353) or drop us an email at

    We are very picky about who we choose to provide your Boodle Loan. Each Boodle Credit Provider is compliant and experienced in the provision of short-term loans.

  • Who are the MFSA?

    The MicroFinance South Africa (MFSA) is a representative body of registered and legal Microfinance Credit Providers in South Africa. Boodle is a proud member of the MFSA.

  • Who is the NCR?

    The National Credit Regulator (NCR) was established as the regulator under the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 (the Act) and is responsible for the regulation of the South African credit industry. Boodle and all Boodle Credit Providers are registered with the NCR and are committed to responsible lending.

  • Why use Boodle?

    We’re all about providing positive outcomes in life; be it a pair of concert tickets for you and a loved one, a weekend getaway or a new set of clothes for that all important interview. Anything that will create happy memories and ultimately improve your well being. Our temporary loans have a maximum duration of 32 days and allow you financial breathing space when you want to enjoy a few of life’s luxuries, but don’t have the cash immediately available.