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1 October

Summertime Treats

You know it’s summer when the skies are impossibly blue, when the sun sends golden rays of happiness, when the sunsets are festivals of orange and purple. Experience the magic of summer – get out and about and enjoy!

Here are 8 summer-fun things to try:

Pack a picnic. Grab a blanket, a few friends, and a basket packed with tasty treats and cold drinks. Then head to a park and share great conversations and plenty of laughs.

Move your body. Go to a yoga or Tai Chi class, or if you’re low on cash, take your yoga mat to a local park and stretch underneath the trees. Invite the kids or a couple of friends to join you.

Exit the office. Instead of staying cooped up in the office at lunchtime, head down to the nearest ice cream or frozen yogurt shop for a delicious cool treat. You’ll feel relaxed and ready to tackle anything after the break.

Create a backyard theatre. Summer evenings are made for outdoor movies. All you need is a laptop, a projector, your garden and a white wall or white sheet. Stock up on popcorn and invite friends and family.

Browse in a bookstore. Buy a book and then head to the park or stretch out on your lawn for a relaxing read.
Love the mornings. Get up earlier and take a stroll around the block (perfect time to walk the dog if you have one), water your plants or enjoy a peaceful cup of tea on the patio. Listen to the birds and watch nature come to life.

Hit the market. Weekend markets are great entertainment. Fabulous food, music, crafts, dance, books, fashion and much more.

Fly High. Nothing says summer like running through a park with a kite flapping behind you. You can purchase an inexpensive kite from a street vendor or make your own with construction paper, wooden sticks, glue and string.

At Boodle, we believe every sunny day is a treat from nature. So, let your smile sparkle and your spirit soar!