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5 March

Smoke and mirrors: how to stop smoking to be healthier and hotter

“Smoking kills. And if you’re killed you’ve lost a very important part of your life.” – Brooke Shields

Most smokers already know the bad stuff related to smoking. So instead of talking about how smoking is going to mess you up, let's take a look at the positive i.e. what will happen to you when you give up. You will breathe easier and your death rattle cough will clear up. That's because your lung capacity will improve by up to 10% in nine months. And it might even mean that you can climb a flight of stairs when you're older without sounding like Darth Vader. You will feel more energetic because your blood circulation will improve in 2-12 weeks. Your immune system will get a boost and you won't be wiped out by cold and flu bugs. You'll have better senses of taste and smell. You'll look better with younger skin and whiter teeth. Not to mention better breath. Additionally, doctors even say you'll have better sex. So let's look at some ideas on how to stop smoking.

Prepare yourself

Setting a time to quit and preparing yourself will help the process to run smoothly. While you are still thinking about how to stop smoking, write a list of benefits that you can refer to every now and then to boost your resolve. Health benefits, financial benefits, stuff like that. Take a minute to think about when you smoke – in the car, at bars, watching TV – then make sure that you have replacement activities available. You could munch on carrot sticks or a straw or get some chewing gum. Having said that, it is hard to stick to your guns in a social situation where others might be smoking and you’ve had a drink or two. So, you might want to avoid this situation in particular, just for a couple of weeks. You could also help yourself out by getting a nicotine replacement therapy to fight the cravings. They currently come in chewing gum, patches, and inhaler form.

Consult the experts

The Easyway to Stop Smoking method by Allen Carr has become very popular for people wondering how to stop smoking. And, if it helped Ashton Kutcher and Ellen Degeneres, it could help you too. With clinics all over the world and a book, the proponents of this method claim there is a 90% success rate. According to the website "you can spend your whole life wandering around in a maze trying to get free and never succeed. If someone gives you a map to the maze, it becomes easy. In 1983, Allen Carr discovered the map to the smoking maze." Inspired? Get an instant cash loan from Boodle before your resolve weakens, there is no better investment than your health.

Other options for how to stop smoking

Vaping or the use of E-cigarettes has also gained traction as a way of kicking the fags. It is undoubtedly healthier, since you still get your nicotine fix without the negative effects of drawing smoke into your lungs. But the jury still seems to be out on how innocuous vaping is.

There are numerous options for quitting. From acupuncture to laser therapy and hypnosis. But the important thing is showing willingness to be a quitter.

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