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29 September

Short Term Loans For Flexibility and Convenience

Unlocking the Benefits of Short Term Loans: Funds and Finance with Flexibility

Short term loans are loans that borrowers need for a short period and need to pay back, along with interest and administration fees. The borrower would then return the money to the lender after a few weeks once they have been paid. Below, we’ll explore how you can get a short term loan through us at Boodle.

Short Term Loans: How to Get Them

Regardless of what you need the cash for, if you are in urgent need of funds, you can easily apply for short term loans either online or through a banking institution. You can apply for a loan if you are stuck in a situation where you need financial aid between paydays to pay for concert tickets, buy a new outfit for an important board meeting, or simply spoil yourself with a few mid-month luxuries, for example.
However, the formal financial system often takes time to reach a decision on personal loans – sometimes days – and when you need money in a hurry, you do not always have time to wait. Moreover, banks sometimes demand surety in the form of insurance policies or other assets. That is when we at Boodle are here to help. As long as you meet the following requirements, you can hop online, fill in our quick and easy application form, and have boodle in your bank within 30 minutes:

  • You must be older than 18 years of age (South African ID is necessary).
  • You need to have proof of income with bank statements.
  • You need a valid email address and a contact phone number.
  • You must have a reasonable credit rating (Even if you don’t – We may still make you an offer).

Although these are the requirements you need to fulfil before applying for short term loans online through us at Boodle, we will not ask you what you need the cash for – that is your business, and we will never ask you for surety in any form. This is possibly the most attractive point about our short term loans.

Finance With Flexibility and Benefits

You can get finance with flexibility through us because you receive your online loan quickly and you decide when you want to pay it back. Simply navigate to our homepage and move our SmileDial to how much you need and for how long. The total reflected on the dial after you have done this is the amount you will have to pay back.
There are no hidden costs. If you are happy with this amount, complete our quick and easy application form. Within a few minutes, we will electronically complete a quick credit check and come back to you with either an approval or an offer. Remember, it is a loan and as a responsible lender, we would hate to see you in a financial bind, so only borrow what you know you can afford to pay back.
If you are happy with the offer, the total repayment amount, and the repayment date, accept it, sit back, and relax. You will have a direct transfer into your account within minutes.

Choose Boodle for Boodle

Paying the amount back on the agreed date will help you if you need another loan at any time. You will be rewarded with a SmileRank and, the higher your ranking, the more you may borrow over longer periods. Why not consider joining the thousands of happy community members at Boodle today. You could have cash within minutes too!