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7 January

New Year, new look. How to update your wardrobe for success (sensibly)

A quick internet search will reveal that there are many ways your appearance can influence your earnings that you might never have even dreamed of. You might already have heard that taller people are not only better paid according to some studies but also more likely  to be promoted and overweight people earn statistically less than their thinner colleagues  but have you heard about the study showing blondes earn more than brunnettes?. Women who wear more make-up are perceived as more professional and make more money according to this study. As shallow as it may seem, research shows our looks certainly seem to hold some sway over our paycheques with people perceived as being more attractive earning an average of five percent more than those who aren’t as aesthetically appealing. Much as you might think this beauty bias is pretty pathetic, why not give yourself the added advantages that come with looking your best. As mom always says, you’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Dress for success

In an article about how clothing affects your success writer Jacquelyn Smith advocates not showing too much skin, never wearing dirty, wrinkled or ill-fitting clothes, and always fulfilling or exceeding the dresscode. Wearing shorts to the office, for example, is likely to leave the impression that you are more interested in climbing into a swimming pool than climbing the ladder of success.

Be current

If you've ever seen a make-over show on TV you will know that tooth whitening, a new hairstyle, and appropriate make-up can make a world of difference to a person's appearance. A new look can sometimes look like an entirely different person. Could your safe haircut or passe fashion be standing between you and a promotion? We are all human after all, so on some level could you blame a supervisor for thinking an employee with an frumpy out-of-date hairstyle is not as with it as someone with the right do?

Know thyself

Dressing well is not as much about spending money as it is about knowing what looks good on you. If you would like to appear slimmer you should opt for clothing in darker shades and tailored outfits to give your form the right structure. If you would like to appear taller heels might give you a little lift - but remember very high heels might not be appropriate for a more conservative office. Be sure that your new look is right for you - rigidly following a fashion trend that doesn't suit you may end up with you looking a fool.

Wear your confidence

People who are perceived as more confident are also judged to be younger and more attractive. Remember good and open posture sends off the right kind of signal. That being said, wearing professional and fashionable clothing is likely also boost your confidence. It's not about breaking the budget and redoing your entire wardrobe. Consider buying some key pieces - black tailored trousers to mix and match with existing tops, or the right shoes or handbag to give a finer finish. Buy classic pieces that won't go out of fashion and that will go well with the rest of your wardrobe.  

Work the sales

January is a great time to shop for bargains at sales. But - annoyingly - it is also a time when you might not have a lot of funds available to take advantage of discounted prices. If you want to scoop up those deals before the end of the month get a boodle loan to help you snap up that investment handbag, suit, briefcase or pair of shoes for your new look that will have you looking and feeling the part.

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