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11 August

Apply For an Instant Loan With Boodle

Need Cash Quick? – Apply For An Instant Loan

Are you short on just a few bucks to buy a much-needed new bed? Do you require a short-term, instant loan to cover unexpected costs this month?

What if you could apply online or in-app and get approved in a flash? With Boodle’s quick and easy options on offer, it’s that simple. Keep reading to find out how it works and what requirements you need to meet.

What We Ask of You

With any loan application, be it at the bank or a private lender, you’ll have to fill in a few forms and hand in the necessary documents. Some creditors are more difficult than others and can take ages to approve or decline you based on various factors. However, sometimes you don’t have the luxury of waiting days or weeks to get the money and you just want a small sum right away.

Our process is simplified to give you instant results. Here’s what you’ll need to apply:

  • A secure internet connection
  • Identification number
  • Banking details

As you can see, you don’t have to hand in piles of papers to get an instant loan from us. Credit checks are done through our smart automated system, meaning all applicants are treated equally and assessed only by their record and not discriminated against based on their personality.

How Long Do You Have to Pay Us Back?

The maximum amount for new debtors is R3000.00 while those who’ve already proven their loyalty by paying on time and being trustworthy can get up to R8000.00 at a time. This means we specialise in small loans, and thus the period in which it has to be paid is shorter than most. Nevertheless, the power is in your hands. You get to choose the date on which the debit order should fall on, and loan terms are a maximum of 32 days with the exception of extended periods for veteran borrowers.

When Can You Expect Payment After Approval?

We don’t call it an instant loan for nothing, and thus, you can rely on the amount being transferred on the same day that your application has been approved. In fact, in most cases the amount will be paid in as little as 10 minutes after you’ve accepted our quote on the interest you will pay and what we’re willing to lend you.

This is, of course, only if you are satisfied with our non-human screening process and make use of our simplified system. If you request to have your details manually confirmed through an actual person, you’ll have to wait about 120 minutes for the transfer instead.

Either way, you can look forward to same-day payment after approval, regardless of which option you choose.

Take Out an Instant Loan and Let Yourself Breathe Again

Another reason to apply with us, is that we don’t ask questions about what you want the advance for. Whether it’s for buying your child a birthday gift or to get through a tough month, it’s up to you. We respect your privacy and allow you the freedom of doing with your money what you wish to do, without questioning your decisions.

Want to know the best part? It only takes five steps to get approved for an instant loan. Sign up for your Boodle account today and let your money woes be a thing of the past.