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1 March

Affordable Water Saving Tips for the Home

March is a time to appreciate the indoors and the outdoors – our homes and the wonders of nature. With the water shortages in Cape Town, it’s time to face up to the fact that South Africa is a water-scarce country, and we all have to become more water wise.

Here’s how:

1. Rain water harvesting. Get a rainwater tank like a Jojo that stores the water that falls on your roof and into your gutters. A family of four should have a 5 000 litre or even two 5 000 litre tanks on their property.

2. Rainwater capture. Install a Jojo tank, and connect it to your rainwater downpipes. Install a tap in your tank (around R100) which can be connected to a hosepipe, or used to fill buckets.

3. Greywater capture. Use buckets to empty the bath or catch shower water and use it to water the garden or flush the loo. Don’t let greywater stand for more than 24 hours or it will get “pathogen bloom” which smells bad and can cause illness.

4. Attach a DIY greywater capture system to your bathroom drain pipes (around R500 in parts) or get a plumber to do it. This catches the water before it goes down the drain and irrigates your garden with it or diverts it into a container for later use.

5. Replace showerheads with water-saving showerheads (they use half the water of regular showerheads) from your local hardware store (R100 or R200), and install them yourself, or pay a plumber to do it for you.