The Boodle Handbook

All About Loans

Boodle is all about paperless instant loans, so this section is easy because loans are what we do best. For those of you who perhaps get confused between lender, term and interest, take a look below and get acquainted with the world of lending.

Boodle is a micro lender that provides unsecured loans (check out Boodle Lingo for clarity on anything). There are no physical documents in our loan applications, it’s all ONLINE. That’s right, say goodbye to agents, call centres, telesales, branches or brokers – just you, Boodle and same day approval.

Simply apply now and with our automated, quick decision-making, you could have Boodle in your bank within the hour. No bank statements, proof of residence or other time-consuming documentation needed. Plus you can see all of your loan details such as a statement, terms and conditions, repayment terms, settlement amount, interest rate and fees on our website. Anytime, Anywhere!

And should you not be happy about anything, give us a call. We have the most amazing customer service and our specialists will help you with anything at all. We want you to have the best customer experience EVER!

A Boodle Loan isn’t a credit card or an overdraft. It’s quick cash in the bank that you can spend on anything you like. And although we’re registered with the MFSA (Micro Finance South Africa) and NCR (National Credit Regulator) we’re not the banks.We don’t do bonds, long-term personal loans, credit cards, car loans, student loans, etc. We’re the friend who has cash to spare when you need a fast loan. That’s not to say that you can’t use the Boodle to pay for things for your home, studies, car, or bills – it’s yours to use however you like.

Picture this – you’re on your way to see the house of your dreams and BAM! You hit a pothole. Not only is your tyre flat, your rim is buckled badly. You call a tow truck to take your car to get fixed and a friend comes through to take you to the house you would want to buy.

The next day, you get 2 calls. The one is about your tyre. It needs replacing and is going to cost a few thousand. The other is about the house. They have accepted your offer, which is a few hundred thousand.


You go to a lender. Lender A, the bank, would help you out with a home loan for the house. And Lender B, a short-term personal loan provider like Boodle, will give you money to fix your car. You discuss the Loan Amount, what the Repayment Amount will be, and how many days, months or years it will take to pay back – the Loan Term.

Sometimes payday is just too far away. There’s a sale and guess what, this beautiful couch you’ve been ogling for months now is going for half price. If it were any other time, you would snap it up in minute. But this month, there was aunt Ethel’s birthday; your gaming console needed replacing; you had the bright idea to paint your one bedroom wall ‘Elephant Hide’ grey because it looked great on a Home Décor TV program and your money is pretty much spent. Now what?

Easy. Snap your heels together and say Boodle 3 times! Seriously though, Boodle is fast cash that is very much like a salary advance. Almost like rainy-day savings in case of emergencies.

OK, you’ve just applied for a credit card and the bank calls and says, “Sorry, no can do”. Your jaw drops and shock sets in. You don’t understand – you have no debt or bad credit and have never had to borrow money before, why would they not approve you?

The answer? You have no credit rating and that can be just as bad as having a poor one. Lenders need to know how good you are at paying back outstanding debts. Boodle can help because we’re tight with the Credit Bureau. Apply for an affordable loan with us, pay it back when you say you will and we’ll pass on the good news. You’ll get a great Boodle Ranking (this helps you get Boodle Loans quicker) as well as a good credit rating. VOILA!

We are believers of responsible lending. Should you be under debt review, debt management, over-indebted or are blacklisted, we won’t give you Boodle. It’s not that we don’t want to; it would just mean reckless lending for both of us. Plus, there’s the whole NCA (National Credit Act) thing that keeps us both in check. But, hey, you won’t know until you try, so go on – apply for your Boodle today. We will assist with cash in the bank wherever we can.