Suspicious Loan Offers!
  • Service Fee: R50 per month plus 14% VAT.
  • Initiation Fee:

    Loans under R1000: 15% plus 14% VAT
    Loans over R1000: R150 plus 10% on any value above R1000 plus 14% VAT

  • Interest Rate: 0.17% per day.
  • All Interest and Fees on your Boodle Loan are calculated based on the Regulations as set out in Chapter 5 of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005

    Annual Interest Rate / APR: 60%.

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Our widget will help you decide how much Boodle you want and how many days you need it for.   Complete our paperless, super quick online application. It takes 5 minutes, and best of all no documents required.   Instant decision and Boodle in your bank within 10 minutes, guaranteed! As a new client you can borrow up to R2500
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Repay your loan on time to increase your Boodle Ranking and overall credit rating. Existing customers can borrow
up to R8000
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You could earn R100 for every
that takes out a Boodle loan.
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